stock market for beginners in india

Stock Market for Beginners India?

Looking for a Beginner level guide for Stock Market? You have come to the right place. As a beginner you might have many misconceptions related to Stock Market, let me ...
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Is Investing in Bonds a Good Idea in India?

Are you the person who hates fluctuations and loves stable income. Then Yes, Investing in Bonds is great idea, given you have the Low Risk Appetite too. You can check ...
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Is Investing in stocks a good idea

Is Investing in Stocks a Good Idea in India?

Yes, Investing in stocks is a great idea given you know what you have to know. The top ten reasons to invest in stocks as opposed to any other investment ...
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What All You Can Insure in India

What All You Can Insure in India

Apart from the most common ones like Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Travel Insurance, Motor Vehicle Insurance, House Insurance, there are multiple other things you can Insure if you're afraid losing ...
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How to save Income Tax in India

How to Save Income Tax in India: Salaried Employees

"how to save income tax?" has been an eternal question for me. With changing internal factors (our income) and external factors (income tax slabs) it's imperative that we keep updated ...
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lose money in stock market

6 Ways to Lose Money In Stock Market

See stock market as a money making business. So before entering into business what does any decent Business Man do? Learn about the pitfalls of the road ahead. People lose ...
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financial planning

Financial Planning in 600 Words: Millennials and Gen Z

I Know that I'm an Amateur and you won't take my advice on this particular topic of Financial Planning. Hence it's better to go with experts opinion than mine. Following ...
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how to freelance in india

How to Freelance in India? Earn Money by Staying at Home

Freelancing has become the new fad in India, especially since COVID. Some people got so addicted to freelancing that they are moonlighting. If you're a life long learner or a ...
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what is personal finance

What is Personal Finance?

Personal Finance is simply managing Money. Be it Saving, Spending, Lending or Investing. But it all starts with Earning. Everyone have their own philosophy when it comes to Money. If ...
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stock market advice during recession

Stock Market Advice During Recession 2022-2023

As of 9 Feb 2023, It is quite imperative from the Tech Layoffs that we have entered into the recession leaving us no choice but seek a sound stock market ...
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