About Me

Hello There,

Myself Sudheer, an Engineer in my late 20s from Hyderabad, India.

I’m Personal Finance Enthusiast, but not an Expert yet!

Few months back, after watching one of Ankur Warikoo’s Videos, I figured I have to put control over my Expenditures and Start Investing for a Better Future. And I started Learning various aspects of Personal Finance and started implementing them.

Since I’m learning, I thought, why don’t I blog about what I learn and make myself useful to everybody. I don’t have unique thoughts as of now, except to collect the grains from the chaff (You know what I mean).

I currently blog around Money Management, Investing, and Trading. If you know of any worthy knowledge source or a tool of that matter, do let me know by filling out the form below, and I will review it on my Blog.

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