What All You Can Insure in India

Apart from the most common ones like Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Travel Insurance, Motor Vehicle Insurance, House Insurance, there are multiple other things you can Insure if you’re afraid losing.

Some of the lesser known facts about the Insurance Industry is they allow you to insure multitude other things like Your iPhone, Your Laptop, Your Job, etc.

Mobile Insurance

The first time I heard about this concept is when my friend broke his iPhone while travelling on Train and he acted so cool even after the tragedy. Most common coverages include accidental screen damage, water or liquid damage and theft.

Laptop Insurance

The underwriters look at the brand, model and quality of laptop to decide your premium. Most common coverages include screen repair and replacement, mechanical or electrical damage, liquid spillage and theft. You might have observed on e-commerce sites laptops offering an extended warranty which is also referred to as extended warranty insurance.

Television Insurance

Covers damages due to fire, accidental damage, lightening, theft, etc.

Job Insurance

This is offered mostly as a addon to the Term Insurance policy. Comes to a great rescue in a case where a salaried individual loses job due to critical illness or permanent disability due to accident.

Money Insurance

Come to use when you happen to have or handle large sum of money (hard cash), say you’re a Contractor carrying cash to construction site to disburse wages to labourers and you want to insure against theft.

Watch Insurance (Watches and Luxury Timepieces)

Meant for Watches which work at a precision of 99.99%, which are considered as a state of the art work. Not for ordinary people. Covers damage due to accidents and theft.

All Risk Insurance

There are even Insurance Products tailored for most versatile items like Jewellery, Cameras, Binoculars, Clothing, etc. from theft and damage.

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