How to Travel for Free in India?

I don’t know if it’s because of the confinement which came out of COVID or the ongoing Work from Home culture, people’s, especially the IT individual’s perspective towards outgoing has changed. As the saying goes, the depths of oppression creates the heights of character. Similarly, the longstanding captivity has arisen the liberty among free souls.

And given the economic condition, who wouldn’t like a free ticket to Shimla or Goa. Although, the most obvious answer is Indian Railways. But legally, here are the top 5 tips I can think of.

Tip #1. Ask for Lift – Cars or Lorries (Hitch-hike)
If you don’t mind, lift is always an option. Can be scary though, as you never know which mugger will attack you.

Tip #2. Use a Credit Card
Do you know there are credit cards which help you accumulate miles (flight travel), for your spends on Credit Card? You can use these free miles to travel across major airports in India. These Credit Cards also provide benefits like Free Lounge access where you can have wide varieties of food for as low as 2 INR.

Tip #3. Become a Trip Advisor
Work with a Travel Agency, which allows you to take a trip and review about the place and journey in your own words.

Tip #4. Leverage your Skill
Are you a Stand up Comedian or a Singer or a Musician or an Artist? Use your skill to perform a show or exhibition and ask organizers to bear travel expenses and arrange accommodation for you.

Tip #5. Drive someone
Tie up with a Travel Agency and become a cab driver for the location you want to go.


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